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Keepers of Olympus — Lion

14.01.2017 19:00
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Keepers of Olympus — Lion
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Equipped with the keys the heroes headed for the main Olympus Temple where according to the legends lies the treasury of the gods. They were met by the archon of the temple who said that the mortal could enter the sacred ground only after they have met 10 Keepers of the Olympus.

Nemean lion has impenetrable skin, sharp teeth and a very nasty tamper. This Keepers of Olympus will growl at Zeus, but if Heracles shows in the lion’s eyesight, the beast turns into an obedient pet.

Go2Olymp is thrilled to announce the new Keepers of Olympus series that consists of 10 tournaments. Each tournament is an opportunity to meet another keeper. Regular tournaments have a prize fund of $200. The strongest heroes will have the honor to meet Hercules, the Supreme Keeper of Olympus and fight for $500.

Keepers of Olympus is the fifth of the 10 series in a cycle called “Road to Olympus”. In the end of the cycle we will hold one last major tournament with $10 000 at stake.