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Keys to Olympus - FINAL

04.01.2017 19:00
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Keys to Olympus - FINAL
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Having discovered Olympus Mysteries, the treasure hunters felt themselves much more confidant — now they had something in common with the gods. Their happiness did not last for a very long time, because after the last mystery had been solved heroes found themselves in the legendary Labyrinth. To break out of the Labyrinth they must find 10 Keys, while fighting Minotaur and his creeps.

We are very excited to announce “Keys to Olympus” series. Each tournament gives heroes a key to the mountain where the gods live.

“Keys to Olympus” series consists of 9 tournaments with the prize pool of $200. Contestants of the final tournament will compete for $500, but only the most skillful heroes can do that.

After 10 consecutive series have been played, the gods will hold a $10 000 tournament among the greatest warriors.