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The Workshop of Hephaestus

25.01.2017 19:00
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The Workshop of Hephaestus
$1 000
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The pockets of our players are full with Imperials that need to be molded into other types of precious metal. Go2Olymp is honored to announce a new tournament series called The Workshop of Hephaestus with $1000 in the prize pool. To enter the workshop of the Olympus blacksmith each player must pay a fee of 500 Imperials.

The tournament will be played only after 64 teams have signed up. Hephaestus opens his workshop once a month in the first Friday after the required number of players have signed in. If number of teams has not reached 64 by the time a tournament starts Hephaestus will lock his workshop with the players’ Imperials inside and wait for the next Friday.

Are you looking for ways to earn Imperials? It is very simple — just play tournaments on Go2Olymp. Each day we have one or two tournaments with abundance of Imperials in the prize pool. Also, do not forget about the Fast Cups that allow to earn Imperials quickly 4 times a day.