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1.1. How can I register on the website?

To register on the website click "Login" at the top right corner and move to sign up tab. You can also sign up quickly via Facebook, Steam or VK account.

You need to link your Steam account to participate in tournaments. Head to the Profile page (which is here).

1.2. How do I create a team?

Sign in as showed in 1.1. After that hover the coursor to your nametag at the top right corner. A drop down menu will show up with option to create a team.

1.3. How many days does a tournament last?

Ussualy a tournament lasts just for a couple of hours. If more then 64 teams have registered, some matches might be played next day. A detailed timeline can be found in the description of each tournament after the registration phase.

1.4. Where do I find a tournament schedule?

You can find this information in the description of each tournament after the registration phase.

1.5. How is the prize pool distributed among players?

You can find this information in the summary of each tournament.

1.6. Does this website use my time zone?

This site uses MSK time zone (GMT+3) only.

1.7. How can I find a team?

Go to the teams page (here) and flag the "Recruiting" box. Now you can see the list of teams with vacancies. After choosing a team you want to join press the “I WANT” button in the bottom of the "Team squad" section.

You can also try our quick team search service. More information about the service can be found here.

Captains can make their teams open and quickly recruit new members. More about this feature can be found here.

1.8. Can I make changes to the team roster? (before a tournament starts)

You can make unlimited number of changes to the roster before a tournament starts. Press “Tournaments” in the dropdown menu that shows up when you hover cursor to your name tag in the top right corner. Then move to “My tournaments” tab. You can remove players and add new ones there.

1.9. Can a team change its captain?

Yes. The current captain can pass his authority to another player of the team. Detailed tutorial can be found here.


2.1. Can I make changes to the team roster? (during a tournament)

You can change only ONE player during a tournament. Use directions given in 1.8.

2.2. Where can I find tournament bracket?

You can find this information in the “GRID” section of each tournament. It will appear after the registration phase tournament.

2.3. Can I start my game earlier?

You can start your match earlier only if your opponent agreed to it.

2.4. How do I contact with my opponents?

You can find them via «Ask G2O» Skype conference. Link to that conference is can be found in regulations to every tournament.

2.5. How to submit results?

Results are submitted automatically. If you encounter technical difficulties upload screenshot with match results. To do that go to “Tournaments” à “My Tournaments” à “Submit results”.

2.6. Who creates lobbies?

Lobbies are created by administration only.

2.7. What situations result in a walkover?

Here are the situations that result in a walkover:

• Opponents fail to show up for 15 minutes.
• Intense abuse from opponents (a walkover verdict in this instance is annonced by admins).
• The opponent invited to lobby outsiders (coaches, spectators, observers, casters).

2.8. Is there a live stream of the matches? Can I watch a VOD?

All streams are announced on our VK community page. Official Twitch channel:

2.9 Can a lobby be rehosted?

Yes. To do that you need to contact administration via Skype conference «Ask G2O».

2.10 Why I am not invited to lobby

Go to Dota 2 options. Open Advanced Options and unflag “Block invites from non-friends”.

2.11. What I should I do, if I got disconnected from a game due to a technical glitch?

In case of a technical glitch team members need to pause the game and wait for the player. ONE team can use up to 20 minutes to resolve technical problems.


3.1. How can we get the prize?

Team captain shares his account info with administration and receives the prize.

3.2 How can I leave a team

Go to the team page and click “Leave team” button.