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What is Go2Olymp?

Today, cyber sport is very similar to any elite sport: it has sponsors, coaches, training modes (some teams even have a nutritionist) and, needless to say, a lot of legal red tape: contracts, transfers, huge sets of rules… To be a cyber sportsman is serious and extremely difficult work.

But what if you don't care a curse for that so far? You just want to know what it feels like: the last match of the series, you are face to face with your opponents, and it is not a boring plus to your rating at stake, but a real money prize…

And here we come!

Go2Olymp is a cyber sport league and a social platform at the same time. It has never been so convenient and easy to create a team, to sign up for a tournament and, maybe, even to win. Sign up, join any team (or create your own) and select a contest that you like. Everything will take just a few clicks.

We organize tournaments in Dota 2, with everyone having an opportunity to participate. We have no restrictions and censorship – if you can create your team, you have the right to fight for the prize money!

But that does not mean that we are oriented only at novices. We are building our rating system and support different levels of the game. Keep track of the events – we are planning to hold tournaments with really great prize money.

Do you want to know more? We have prepared a detailed guide for the site. And do not forget to check out the ‘Tournaments’ tab – it will constantly be updated, and one day you are sure to find something that will suit you.